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Today we have a veggie packed Caribbean Stew as our special. Teas on Ice: Purifying Tonic and Flying Monkey

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A tea tree can grown 52 feet high if not cut back.Here are some pretty interesting facts on tea. http://facts.randomhistory.com/tea-facts.html

If you are a fan of dairy, today is your day at the Tea Bazaar. Our delicious creamy Roasted Potato and Green Chili Special is full of it. Teas on Ice: Roasted Mate and Lavender Lemon.

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  • Tea BazaarHey everyone! The Hip Hop Showcase is happening tonight. Come on by. The show will start around 9pm.,
  • Tea BazaarToday is a good day for a bowl of our Creamy Potato Green Chili Soup Special (has dairy). Teas on Ice: Roasted Mate and Lavender Lemon.,
  • Tea BazaarHot local music right here this Friday! Marian McLaughlin Trio with Gina Sobel and TBA. Check it out: ,


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