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From here at Miller's everything seems fine, but there is a fire in the basement of our building. TeaBazaar will likely be closed for a few days from smoke damage after this all clears up.

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Hookah happy hour is tonight, every Mon and Tues night from 6-9 PM. $5 off all hookahhhhs.

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Mmmmiso Vegetable Soup today. light, vegan and gluten free. Get your pro-biotics here:).

  • Tea Bazaarsound..show tonight: Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura with Voice of Saturn and Dais Queue 9PMish. ride the wave.,
  • Tea BazaarMonday is a good day for a healthful bowl of Tofu-Miso-Vegetable soup. Fortification vegan style. Fresh at the TBZaaaar.,
  • Tea BazaarCome grab a bowl of our Turkish Spinach Lentil Soup Special. Teas on Ice: Licorice Sage and Raspberry Black,
  • Tea BazaarTea is so sweet on a rainy day. Today on ice we have herbal Fever Flu and Spiderleg Ceylon.,
  • Tea BazaarIt's a good day to put lots of things in the pot and cook it, so we made Minestrone. and yep, it's vegan!,
  • Tea BazaarCome on up for a day of Peace, Tea and Music. Steeping up the hits up here at the TBZ. ,


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