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  • African Peanut soup. Brainwave and Golden Monkey on ice. Local music tonight at 8pm. $7. Good day!,
  • We have lapsang souchoung. Enjoy the classic favorite with one of our desserts. ,
  • chasen: n. bamboo whisk for traditional preparation of matcha. ,
  • A beautiful day to sit and sip your favorite tea's with your favorite people or just watch the world go by! Open ti… ,
  • Saturday is here and we have a great line up tonight! Olive Tiger | Ebba Fine | Space Saver are going on at 8pm! ,
  • "So I says "My dear if you could give me a cup of tea to clear my muddle of a head I should better understand you… ,
  • We have that tea that you need! as well as some wonderful sweets to get you through this hot day! ,
  • Dinosoul | The Russian White | Soundvvitch Bringing the tunes tonight! come check us out jamming loud till midnight! ,
  • What a wild show last night guys! Dj's spinning records as they should! we will keep you posted on more. Speaking o… ,

Toilet of the Ages…


Very exciting news. We have just installed a super efficient low flush toilet in our main bathroom.  It’s an American Standard Champion Pro, and the 1.28 gal flush will save at least 12,500 gallons a year up here at the Tea Bazaar. Ahem.                      toilet1Try it out next time you’re at the tea house, and help us save water!!!!!

Stay Foxy at Hookah Happy Hour!

fox-smoking-hookahhappy                     Tea Bazaar, Hookah Happy Hour

All Hookahs $5 off. From 6-9PM Every Monday and Tuesday night.

Get Happy.

Y’all Big Air and Bleeding Rainbow at the Tea Bazaar Friday night!

The new creative musical configuration of Adam Smith, Adam Brock, John Bray and Christian Smith will be live and in person with more musical awesomeness here at the Teahouse tomorrow night. very excited indeed.

Big Vegan and Gluten free Cookies!!

In case you haven’t noticed that attractive new basket by the register, it contains vegan and gluten free cookies from Blue Ridge Baking Company. Yeah!!!!!More yumminess for all. They are enjoyable to vegans and non vegans alike “). Here’s their website if you want to find out more about ingredients and what they have to offer.

If there is a favorite variety that you’d like to see at the tea house, please let us know!


Time for a Christmas Holiday!

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar will be closing early (at 5PM!) on Tuesday the 24th and closed all day on the 25th (Christmas YO!!!) Open regular hours on Thursday the 26th. Come on up while you can to get tea for steeping and stuffing stockings”). elf tea party'

Holiday hours this week!

We shall be closed on Thanksgiving Day all day and opening late on Black Friday at 5PM.

Happy , safe and warm holidays to all of you tea fans!

teapot still life

Now serving: sleek-solid internet from Blue Ridge Internet Works!

The time of slow, intermittent internet is now past.  We are now wired in with * Blue Ridge Internet Works*.  Consistent, strong and piped in from the friendly guys around the corner from us.  BRI logo FOR TB copyYes to locally grown business and keeping it real.  Come on up and get some at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. YO!!!

Summer break! August 19 thru 21

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar will be closing for our annual summer break (and some fixing up projects!) from Mon Aug 19th thru Wed the 21st. We will re-open for regular hours at 11:30 on Thursday August 22. Peace, Love and Tea y’all”)

Budala Pottery and teaware at the Tea Bazaar

Budala Pottery

Beginning with an art opening on Friday the 5th of April; Local Artist Alp Isn of Budala Pottery in Bellmont will be selling his handmade tea friendly pieces at the Tea Bazaar. Beautiful and stylish with fractal like glazes, these pieces increase the pleasure of any dining experience!

Longer Winter Hours to fill the shorter days:)

We’re back to midnite closes all week long. Come on up for some late night tea and studies or a peaceful evening hookah (Happy hour! 6-9PM on Monday and Tuesdays)

A decade of teahouse!

Saturday, September 1st – 12:00 PM
Our ten year celebration!
A day full of events to feel festive and free-lovin
Featuring Lisa Eller on Massage, David Moore on Paint, Daniel on Tea, DJ 3rd Degree on Sound and the Weather Station w/ the Hill and Wood on Stage. Yo.

Cooking with Tea

A couple of other restaurants on the downtown mall have approached us recently to buy ingredients for cooking and baking; they come to us for tea!  I checked on line and there is a wealth of recipes which use tea in various forms for enhancing flavors and adding health benefits to foods ranging from Beef to Edamame to Cookies. Here’s a few recipes that I found intriguing…I’m getting hungry just reading them over!

from an NPR article:

Ochazuke, a traditional Japanese rice dish:

and cupcakes from the food network!:


New Mezza plate!

In celebration of Earthweek and cruelty free choices we are serving the new Mezza appetizer plate for just $4 this week April 23 thru 28th!

Mezza (v)(gf)  (regualarly-4.50)_A light assortment of olives, dolmas and sliced vegetables

Spring Cleaning yer insides

3/22 We’ve got iced tea specially made to help with allergies today (yay Nettles!) our soup is Creamed Watercress, which is another great spring cleansing aide. If you do suffer from allergies, sometimes eating local honey can help to build up immunity to local pollens. Our honey at the tea house is locally sourced from Golden Angels Apiary. You can also purchase it in bulk from Rebecca’s Natural Foods. There is alot of info on the internet about system cleansing and strengthening. Here’s a few that I liked:

Happy Spring,

Gung Fu days every Wednesday!

Come in to try out teas, and enjoy gung-fu style tea steeping Wednesdays from 4-6 .

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