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All teas are served by the pot for 1-4 people.
Most teas can be made “to-go”, and are available by the ounce for home steeping
(OG) signifies Organic, (FT) designates fair trade


White teas are tea in its purest form. These delicate teas are not oxidized, and are naturally low in caffeine.
Shou Mei (OG)
Picked at the third and final white tea harvest of the spring season. Rich infusion, with flavor that hints of vanilla and bamboo
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Silver Peony (OG)
Down-covered bud and leaf combination which produces a sweet, slightly nutty liquor, reminiscent of toasted nuts and apricots.
6/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Indian White (OG) (FT)
Hand-selected Indian tea with silvery-white unopened leaf tips, smooth golden liquor and delicate floral notes
6/pot 3.5/to go 6 per oz

Fuding White Treasure (OG)
Rare grade of white tea from Fujian province. Vegatal taste with delicate toasty notes ,and a sweet, smooth finish.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 7 per oz

Silver Needle (OG)
Hand-harvested downy buds that produce a refined elixir.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 7 per oz


These teas are pan-fired to halt their oxidation, sealing in nutritious goodness. Distinct, delicious, and healthy.
Clouds and Mist / Mao Feng (OG)
A light and crisp tea. Full of subtlety and wonder, with flavors as elusive as its name.
6/pot 3.5/to-go 6 per oz
Jasmine Pearls (OG)
Tightly rolled tea wrapped in jasmine leaves. Wonderfully aromatic, these pearls unfurl to give their fullest essence.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 6 per oz

Dragon Well / Long Jing
This broad sword-shaped leaf brews a nutty cup with characteristic robustness.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 6 per oz


These tea leaves are steamed rather than fired to stop oxidation, creating teas that are refreshing and truly Japanese.
Genmaicha (OG)
A quality Sencha blended with pan-roasted brown rice.
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Kaiseki Hojicha
Toasted twig tea that brews a warm and soothing liquor. A good choice to compliment any meal.
5/pot 3.5/to-go 4 per oz

House Sencha
Traditional Japanese green tea with tightly rolled, needle-shaped leaves and a taste somewhat reminiscent of the sea.
4/pot 3.5/to-go 4 per oz

Oceanic and beachy, this lush green tea ranges in flavor, from the froth of the ocean to the grainy sand of the shore.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 6 per oz

House Select
A varietal offering of high grade Japanese leaf tea.
Ask your server for this month’s choice
Market price/pot

A very special tea. Foamy and frothy, this powdered green tea is whisked and served in a traditional chawan (tea bowl) accompanied by a sweet.


Fully oxidized teas from Southern China with assertive characteristics and significant amounts of caffeine.

China Black Keemun
Classic tea with a refined aroma and a sweet, orchid-like flavor. Intense and rich, yet soft on the palette.
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Golden Monkey (OG)
Bright and flavorful. This tea has an amber liquor with a hint of honey in the taste that will leave you buzzing like a bee.
6/pot 3.5/to-go 5per oz

Yunnan Velvet Tips
A rich, smoky tea from southern China with a velvety mouth feel.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 6 per oz


Semi-oxidized teas, spanning the distance between greens and blacks. These teas offer magical tastes and can really get your qi flowing.

Kali Cha (OG)
Hand rolled oolong from Darjeeling, with a distinct, toasty, cocoa aroma.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 6 per oz

Monkey Picked Ti Guan Yin
This tea has historically been picked by monkeys who can climb higher than humans to pick the best leaves from the misty peaks.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 7 per oz

Ginseng Tung Ting
Ginseng adds an underlying richness and sweetness while accentuating the natural floral aroma of the tea.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 7 per oz

Formosa High Mountain Style
A tightly-rolled green oolong from the Mountain peaks of Taiwan, this high grade mountain tea has a mild smooth floral taste, and a lingering orchid bouquet.
7/pot 4.5/to-go 7 per oz

High end House Selection
Seasonal quality oolong picked for your drinking pleasure
8 -11/pot 10-14 per oz


Black tea is commonly found throughout the world. Our strong and caffeinated blacks are complimented by their spectrum of unique flavor.

Darjeeling (seasonal pick)
The Champagne of Black Teas. Darjeeling is only grown in specific parts of India and is characterized by its muscatel flavor.
6/pot 3.5/to-go 6 per oz

Spider Leg Ceylon
This hand rolled tea has long and spindly leaf, complete with cedar notes in the taste.
6/pot 3/to-go 6 per oz

Samovar Blend
A special blend of green and black teas originally created in the late 19th century for the Czars of Russia. Smooth and flavorful.
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Flying Monkey
Highly caffeinated blend of Puerh, Mate’ and Black tea, Wowzah!
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Broken Orange Pekoe (B.O.P)
Boldy flavored tea with a rich a rich liquor. Good with a spot of milk!
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Assam (Varying house selection)
Traditional full bodied Indian tea with smooth, malty nuances.
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Twisted Tea House Blend
A seasonal black tea blend by our eclectic Tea Staff.
4/pot 3.5/to-go 4 per oz


Aged teas are carefully preserved. Only through the passage of time do their flavors and aromas fully evolve.

Puerh Bing Cha
Puerh leaf compressed into a cake. When infused, the distinct earthy flavor comes alive after years of aging.
6/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Puerh Tuo Cha / Bird’s Nest
Smaller, mini-cakes of puerh. These little cakes are shaped like a bird’s nest and individually wrapped. We put the whole nest in the pot!
6/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Tai Chi Puerh
A well balanced, gamey loose leaf puerh, mild and dry with a malty finish
6/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Dark Treasure
A musky, aged puerh tea laced with rose-water

High End House Selection
A rotating selection of specialty puerh treats
6/-8pot 10-14 per oz


5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

* Cherry Sencha *Raspberry White
* Tippy Earl Grey *Lapsang Souchong
* Winter Spice *Black n Berry
* Smoky Russian Caravan


A beautiful visual presentation of hand sewn flowering tea; served in over a flame in a glass tea pot.
8/pot 8 per oz


Naturally sweet and caffeine free Herbals
Each: 5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Rooibos (OG)
A wonder herbal, high in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Cocoa Rooibos(OG)
Rooibos tea combined with cocoa nibs. Dark and chocolaty!

Vanilla Honey bush
A sweet herbal tea from South Africa infused with vanilla beans.

Rooibos Chai
Rich, spicy and caffeine free!


A nutritious South American stimulant. Tea’s answer to coffee.

Organic Yerba Mate
Green Mate as it is traditionally served.
5/pot or gourd 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Roasted Mate Blend (Better than Coffee)
A richly flavored blend of roasted mate and other herbs
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz


Masala Chai
Our signature classic recipe of strong Indian black tea, fresh ground spices, whole milk, and sugar.
5/pot to-go=3/sml or 3.50/lg 5 per oz

Moroccan Mint (OG)
Gunpowder green tea with organic peppermint and sugar
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

High Atlas Sage (OG)
Popular drink of the High Atlas Mountains with Gunpowder tea, sage leaf and sugar
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Dreams of Beruit
Black tea spiced with cinnamon, sugar and pepper.
5/pot 3.5/to-go 5 per oz

Matcha Cooler
Powdered green tea shaken, not stirred. Sweetened with Agave,
and poured over ice 4/glass
Iced Tea (of the day)
2.50 / (free in house refill)

Iced Chai (homemade and delicious))
3/ glass


*(OG) We use predominantly organic herbs for all of our blends
All herbals = 5/pot 3.50/to-go 5 per oz

Soul Soother
A blend of herbs created to ease your mind and sooth your soul
Lavender, Chamomile, Mother wort, Passionflower, Damiana, Gotu Kola, Kava Kava

charlottesville tea bazaar internet cafePurifying Tonic (Blood bath)
Tasty purifying tea with cleansing qualities
Dandelion, Fenugreek, Red Clover, Licorice, Pau DÁrco, Hibiscus, Lemon and Ginger

La Femme
Herbal formula for hormonal balance and health
Raspberry, Pau DÁrco, Nettles, Lavender, Damiana, Wild Yam, Dandelion, Cinnamon and Ginger

Fever Flu
A medicinal tonic for strengthening the immune system
Chrysanthemum, Nettles, Licorice, Elderberry, Echinacea, Chamomile, Ginger

Hangover Tea
Clarifying and energizing curative for the day after
Yerba Mate, Peppermint, Licorice, Sage, Nettles

Iron Lung
An herbal tea for respiratory health and vitality
Red Clover, Nettles, Elderberry, Licorice, Sassafras, Ginger

Tummy Tea
A soothing blend of digestive aids.
Chamomile, Peppermint, Sage, Wild Yam, Ginger

Brain Wave
Awaken your mind naturally with this stimulating tea.
Peppermint, Sage, Gotu Kola, Fenugreek, Lavender, Rosemary

Purple Tulsi (holy basil) (OG)
Full of antioxidants, this natural stress reliever offers increased energy and a boost to your immune system.

Roasted Barley (boricha)
A popular drink in Korea and Japan with a rich nutty flavor

Kava-Kava (OG)
Herbal sedator from the South Pacific