The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar has an extensive hookah collection and offers a wide variety of shisha (Turkish flavored tobacco) for smoking in our hookah lounge or on our patio.
(18 and up only / Must have I.D. !)

Traditional Al-Tawareg Tobacco/$15 per Hookah:

Pomegranate, Orange Cream, Whiskey, Honey, Double Apple, Mint, Grape,
Vanilla, Mango, Jasmine, Tropical Blend, Sweet Melon, Rose and Cappuccino

Premium Al Fakher and Roman Tobacco / $18 per Hookah:

Mango, Double Apple, Orange, Coconut

Specialty Offerings

2 Flavor Blend: add $2

Al Wahah $10 repack, Roman $12 repack

**extra coals: $1 each
**re-packs: (available only if there’s no wait list)

Al Wahah $10 repack
Roman $12 repack

Hookah Happy Hour! $5 off  Hookahs every Monday and Tuesday from 6-9

*Warning* Tobacco smoking is a proven cause of lung cancer and heart disease, please use only in moderation