Tea House Blog

5/17 bout 3 PM

It’s raining again and we get to experience this at the tea house form an insider’s perspective….buckets catching dripping, cascades of water in about 8 different locations. It’s the one over the projector that really get’s to me cause it could mess up a lot of electronics.

on a cozier note, the ambient temperature here is 75degreees and there’s some chill old school reggee on the stereo making this a comfortable place to relax and have some tea away from the rain (minus the spots where the buckets are)


In case ya’ll haven’t heard there’s a new fantastically hip dish on the menu. The Zen wrap. It’s Organic twin oaks tofu mixed with miso and hijiki and other flavorful items, topped with some zingy carrot/ginger dressing and rolled up in a Teff wrap (which is a gluten free grain from Ethiopian fare) Check it out and let us know what you think.

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