Time for a Christmas Holiday!

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar will be closing early (at 5PM!) on Tuesday the 24th and closed all day on the 25th (Christmas YO!!!) Open regular hours on Thursday the 26th. Come on up while you can to get tea for steeping and stuffing stockings”). elf tea party'

Holiday hours this week!

We shall be closed on Thanksgiving Day all day and opening late on Black Friday at 5PM.

Happy , safe and warm holidays to all of you tea fans!

teapot still life

Now serving: sleek-solid internet from Blue Ridge Internet Works!

The time of slow, intermittent internet is now past.  We are now wired in with * Blue Ridge Internet Works*.  Consistent, strong and piped in from the friendly guys around the corner from us.  BRI logo FOR TB copyYes to locally grown business and keeping it real.  Come on up and get some at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar. YO!!!

Summer break! August 19 thru 21

The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar will be closing for our annual summer break (and some fixing up projects!) from Mon Aug 19th thru Wed the 21st. We will re-open for regular hours at 11:30 on Thursday August 22. Peace, Love and Tea y’all”)

the Teahouse will be closed all day on the 4th of July!!

summer tea ladies

Budala Pottery and teaware at the Tea Bazaar

Budala Pottery

Beginning with an art opening on Friday the 5th of April; Local Artist Alp Isn of Budala Pottery in Bellmont will be selling his handmade tea friendly pieces at the Tea Bazaar. Beautiful and stylish with fractal like glazes, these pieces increase the pleasure of any dining experience!

Longer Winter Hours to fill the shorter days:)

We’re back to midnite closes all week long. Come on up for some late night tea and studies or a peaceful evening hookah (Happy hour! 6-9PM on Monday and Tuesdays)

Tea House Halloween movie night!

Elephant Gun- To Bring You Home (Live at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar)

Sun Hotel Tour 2 – Day 10 – Charlottesville, VA

Gabby Young at Tea Bazaar

A decade of teahouse!

Saturday, September 1st – 12:00 PM
Our ten year celebration!
A day full of events to feel festive and free-lovin
Featuring Lisa Eller on Massage, David Moore on Paint, Daniel on Tea, DJ 3rd Degree on Sound and the Weather Station w/ the Hill and Wood on Stage. Yo.

Cooking with Tea

A couple of other restaurants on the downtown mall have approached us recently to buy ingredients for cooking and baking; they come to us for tea!  I checked on line and there is a wealth of recipes which use tea in various forms for enhancing flavors and adding health benefits to foods ranging from Beef to Edamame to Cookies. Here’s a few recipes that I found intriguing…I’m getting hungry just reading them over!

from an NPR article:


Ochazuke, a traditional Japanese rice dish:


and cupcakes from the food network!:



New Mezza plate!

In celebration of Earthweek and cruelty free choices we are serving the new Mezza appetizer plate for just $4 this week April 23 thru 28th!

Mezza (v)(gf)  (regualarly-4.50)_A light assortment of olives, dolmas and sliced vegetables

Spring Cleaning yer insides

3/22 We’ve got iced tea specially made to help with allergies today (yay Nettles!) our soup is Creamed Watercress, which is another great spring cleansing aide. If you do suffer from allergies, sometimes eating local honey can help to build up immunity to local pollens. Our honey at the tea house is locally sourced from Golden Angels Apiary. You can also purchase it in bulk from Rebecca’s Natural Foods. There is alot of info on the internet about system cleansing and strengthening. Here’s a few that I liked:




Happy Spring,

Gung Fu days every Wednesday!

Come in to try out teas, and enjoy gung-fu style tea steeping Wednesdays from 4-6 .

Quiet day on the Fourth of July

The tea house will be closed on the 4th of July all day for peace and reflection. Please come on in Tuesday for re-vitalizing tea vibrations.

New pricing for a couple things

The prices for the Goatherder and the Kid have changed to reflect higher costs for nuts and fruit. Still the most bumpin appetizer platter in town.

6/20 OMG, Indian Spinach Croquettes!

One of my favorite specials is being served today. Lot’s of garlic Spinach and onions in a little chickpea flour pancake. Reminiscent of the snacks you’d get from the vendors on a train through the foothills of Darjeeling. Comes with pita, dipping sauce and a green salad for a full meal experience.

Miss Tess & the Bon Ton parade

Bear War – In the Future


Gull – Tea House


Caroling good cheer

Shurook Jalilah dances to Miserlou, played by MJZ

6/13- Thai Coconut Curry (vegan)

This may be the best Thai Coconut curry I have ever made. We’ll be serving it today and tomorrow while supplies last.

Tea House: Design/Build projects

Staff Photos and Mug Shots

Have Tea, Will Travel

[Gallery not found]

6/10 Today’s special: Sesame Soba Noodle Salad

Soba noodles dressed with lots’a ginger and sesama oil. Very fresh, with a lemony zing!

6/10 Iced Teas: Herbal Mint and Spider Leg Ceylon

Helen Horal sings

Invisible Hand rocks the Tea House

Protomen at the Tea House

Drink Tea and Thrive

Old Skool Tea House

5/9 – Shitake Burger

Handmade vegan shitake burger. Fresh from the oven and served on a homemade bun!

5/9- Iced teas are Golden Monkey and Cherry Sencha

Our popular handmade iced teas will help you feel the coolness from within!

6/8 Swanky Shincha in our midst

This Shincha is a first crop, young bud sencha from the Kagoshima Prefecture, one of Japan’s premier tea growing regions where the rich volcanic soil produces incredible teas. Hand picked and rolled into long thin leaves, with a soft taste like fresh spring green tea and a noticeably sweet aroma reminiscent of wild orchids. Shincha’s key characteristic is its refreshing and invigorating scent of new leaves. With a higher content of amino acids (L-Theanine) and vitamin C, giving it full-bodied flavor and sweetness. L-theanine is linked to increased alpha brain wave production and is considered a natural antidepressant and stress reliever. Japanese studies link consumption of L-theanine with strengthening the immune system. Check it out for yourself while our supply lasts. $8/pot or $10 oz for home brewing.

6/8 Special today: Shitake Burgers

Homemade vegan Shitake Burgers with shitake mushrooms, onions, garlic and ginger and flax, oats and brown rice. Topped with onions, tomato, greens and ketchup on a homemade bun! Comes with a green side salad for $6.50

6/8 today’s iced teas:

*Herbal Tummy Tea with mint and ginger
*Berry Vilalitea (black tea with refreshing herbs and berries)
* delicious homemade Iced Chai

6/7 Today’s Special, Roasted Veggie Pita

Marinated and roasted portabello mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers and onions and garlic served on a toasted pita with greens and tahini sauce , and feta if you like! Comes with a side salad. all for $6.50

Today’s iced teas

Yo, it’s delicious Hibiscus and/or Moroccan Mint (sweetened for your pleasure).

6/2 Iced Tea!

Flying Monkey (heavily caffienated)
Roasted Barley (herbal and toasty yummy)
Iced Chai (always!!!!)

6/1 Back deck blues

If you’ve been here recently, you might have noticed that our back deck is ripped up on the left side. Many are the hopes and dreams that this temporary situation repairs itself on the kind day (hopefully in the next couple of days!) that our workmen decide that all is well with the under-roof and we get our shiny little patio put back together again. Until then, I may have to decorate the construction with some prayer flags and call it good.

New Sandwich special

6/1. In celebration of this hot June day, we made a cool sandwich…the Shanghai Pita. It’s stir fried tofu, shitake mushrooms and onions on a pita with Asian slaw. Filling and energizing

5/31 special update

It ‘s smoked salmon pasta salad today. Refreshing and energizing in this heat yo.

Friday May 27: Today’s Special

Southwestern Blackbean Salad. It’s vegan and delicious!

Holy roof!

5/17 bout 3 PM

It’s raining again and we get to experience this at the tea house form an insider’s perspective….buckets catching dripping, cascades of water in about 8 different locations. It’s the one over the projector that really get’s to me cause it could mess up a lot of electronics.

on a cozier note, the ambient temperature here is 75degreees and there’s some chill old school reggee on the stereo making this a comfortable place to relax and have some tea away from the rain (minus the spots where the buckets are)

New digs


In case ya’ll haven’t heard there’s a new fantastically hip dish on the menu. The Zen wrap. It’s Organic twin oaks tofu mixed with miso and hijiki and other flavorful items, topped with some zingy carrot/ginger dressing and rolled up in a Teff wrap (which is a gluten free grain from Ethiopian fare) Check it out and let us know what you think.

Gwendolyn Hall Interview on WGOCVILLE

Paper Bird

91.9 WNRN Presents: JUKEBOX THE GHOST w/ Red Satellites

Graboids + Open Windows

Grits-N-Gravy Soul-N-Funk Dance Revue

FUTURE ISLANDS w/ Rhythm Bandit + Olivia Mancini

PATTERN IS MOVEMENT w/ Horse's Mouth + Andrew Cedermark + DBB Plays Cups

Jdavyd Williams & The Basement Bhaktis

Red Satellites w/ Young Adult Fiction + special guests

Manorlady + Grandchildren + Nurse Beach

WTJU 91.1 Presents: Box Elders

Zevious + Melamine

Invisible Hand w/ Quiet Hooves + Bubbly Mommy Gun

Magnus Music Presents: Washed Out + Small Black w/ Pictureplane

The Bears of Blue River + Manorlady

Tyger & The Lamb + Preacher + Polite Sleeper

WTJU 91.1 Presents: THESE ARE POWERS w/ JEFF the Brotherhood + Andrew Cedermark + Rhythm Bandit







Birdie Busch

Manorlady + CAVES + Rhythm Bandit

Bear War + My Milky Way Arms

Tyger & The Lamb + Left & Right Band + Maribelle

Family Portrait + Dust From 1000 Years + Emperor X

FRANZ NICOLAY w/ Mister Baby

And The Wiremen + The Low Branches

Bear War + ArpLine

POSTPONED: Magnus Music Presents: COLD CAVE w/ Nite Jewel + Bear War


Allison Williams & Chance McCoy


Pompadour + Elsinore + We Landed On The Moon


The Ugly Suit + Pompadour


WTJU Valentine's Day Dance Party!


Order of the Dying Orchid + The Armchairs + The Alphabet + Circadian Rhythms

Mister Baby + Tyger & The Lamb + Children of Spy


Jdavyd Williams & The Basement Bhaktis

Tyrannosaurus Rock Presents: Birdlips w/ Tickley Feather and Nelly Kate

w/ Tickley Feather and Nelly Kate

Pompadour + Red Satellites + American Tradition

Hunter Gatherer

A SUNNY DAY IN GLASGOW (Philadelphia) w/ Manorlady and Rhythm Bandit

Magnus Music Presents: LITTLE DRAGON

w/ Centric + Bear War

**Relocated from Outback Lodge**

Ah Holly Fam'ly + Ohioan

Invisible Hand w/ Horse's Mouth + Preacher

Corsair + I Love You (St. Louis) + The Great Eastern

Magnus Music Presents: Light Pollution

Jonny Corndawg

Kill You In The Face

Prizzy Prizzy Please

WTJU Marathon Dance Party

DPC Dance Party

Left & Right Band + No Eye Contact

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