Food and Drinks Menu


(v)=vegan,  (vg) = vegetarian (gf)=gluten free

The Goatherder (vg)    22  – or –  The Kid (½ goat )     11
Our legendary snack platter with pita, hummus, assorted cheeses and dried and candied fruits, mixed nuts and olives

The Bazaar Salad (vg)         9
A huge plate of mixed greens tossed with ginger-miso vinaigrette, with feta cheese, pear, candied walnut, raisins, cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes.  Served with pita chips     *Add Tofu or Smoked Salmon +3

Two Sisters Salad                 9.50
Wild-caught Alaskan smoked salmon, fresh mixed greens tossed in lemon-dill vinaigrette, with capers, red onion, pear, cucumbers and tomatoes.  Served with pita chips

  Hummus Platter (v)            7
Homemade garlic hummus with seasoned pita, cucumbers and carrots

Dahl and Rice (v)                6.75
Savory, thick lentil soup on a bed of rice.  Served with pita chips and chutney

Mezza (v) (gf)                     4.50
A light assortment of olives, dolmas and sliced vegetables

Dried Fruit Tapas (v) (gf)        4.50
Delicious little plate of dried apricots, candied ginger, dates, figs and golden raisins.

Special du jour (v or vg)   7 with salad / * if it is a soup:  3.75 cup/ 5 bowl
See the kitchen board for today’s delicious creation


* all sandwiches accompanied by choice of green side salad, mezza mix, cup of soup or dahl.
*sub gluten free teff wrap on any sandwich for 1.00  *Bazaar your side salad for 2.oo!

Smoked Salmon Sandwich 9
Wild caught smoked salmon with herbed cream cheese spread topped with tomatoes and greens served on whole wheat flatbread

the Zen Wrap (v)(gf) 8.50
Sunshine tofu salad made with organic Twin Oaks tofu, hijiki and veggies, smothered in fresh ginger carrot dressing, topped with tomato, cucumber and greens; all rolled up in a gluten-free Teff wrap.

The P.M.T. (vg) 8
Homemade pesto spread over whole wheat flatbread topped with sliced fresh mozzarella and tomato and greens

Falafel Pita (v) 7.50
Savory baked falafel with tangy tahini sauce, cucumber, tomatoes and greens on pita bread


Green Tea Ice cream (gf)   5
Try this exotic treat! Handmade especially for us by Chap’s

Tea House Milkshakes (gf)  6.50
Classic Chai, Rose, Green Tea or Mint (all with Chap’s homemade ice cream)

Tea Bazaar Vegan Brownies (v)(gf) 2.50
Dank and chocolatey; topped with walnuts.

Almond Pave (gf) 4
European style pound-cake, full of buttery goodness.

Chocolatey Chocolate Torte (gf) 6
Rich, moist and decadent European torte. Big enough to share (but you don’t have to!)

Vanilla Cream Spice Cake (v)(gf) 6.50
Deliciously spicy and moist treat;  handmade here at the Tea Bazaar!

Lemony Cheesecake (gf)  6.50
Decadent cheesecake with no crust to get  in the way!


*Side of hummus – 2 , *Toasted pita – 2
*Felafel – $1  each, *Dolmas – $1 each
*Green side salad – 4, * 1/2 Bazaar -6


House Wines
Selection of red or white wines and Sake
5-11/ glass, or 18-32/bottle

Selection of Local and International Beers
3-18 (sea bar for selection)

Reed’s Natural Sodas

Martinelli’s Apple Juice (og)