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Let us introduce you to our new summer menu

Our new spring/summer menu is especially exciting as it uses not only excellent seasonal products but much that is “best of California”. Read more

Wood fired oven pizza

I first experienced the amazing versatility and cooking capabilities of wood fired ovens on my travels in Italy and I’ve been in love with them ever since.

Me and my team here are all wood fired oven fanatics because we believe they really can make your lives and cooking more enjoyable. From the incredible texture and flavours you get from cooking next to the wood, to the fun events they inspire you to have.

Try our pizza dishes with authentical italian flavour here at LemonChili.

Hope to see you soon. Read more

We don’t just buy and sell wines, we make them happen.

Together with our customers, we invest in independent winemakers from around the world, in return for exclusive wines at preferential prices.

The wines taste fantastic because our winemakers can focus on pouring all their time and passion into making great wines, without compromise. And our customers are rewarded with delicious wines unavailable anywhere else, for far less than they’d normally pay.

Check out our Summer Dining wine recommendations. Read more

Longer Winter Hours to fill the shorter days:)

We’re back to midnite closes all week long. Come on up for some late night tea and studies or a peaceful evening hookah (Happy hour! 6-9PM on Monday and Tuesdays)

Flavours from all around the world

The food at LemonChili  is well travelled. We use seasonal ingredients to create dishes that draw influence and flavours from all around the world.

Our drinks list is inspired by our own travels and love of diverse styles and flavours. We celebrate a live wine from Granada as much as we do a classic Burgundy. Read more

We love…

Is there a vegetable that sums up winter better than the squash? It’s versatile, homely and comforting. There are more shapes, sizes and colours than you can even count, and we use the very best seasonal ones, including carnival, onion, butternut and spaghetti squashes. Try our amazing pumpkin and squash gnudi when you’re next in – they’re lovely soft ricotta dumplings in a squash sauce, mixed with chilli and Stilton cheese.
Read more

A decade of teahouse!

Saturday, September 1st – 12:00 PM
Our ten year celebration!
A day full of events to feel festive and free-lovin
Featuring Lisa Eller on Massage, David Moore on Paint, Daniel on Tea, DJ 3rd Degree on Sound and the Weather Station w/ the Hill and Wood on Stage. Yo.

Cooking with Tea

A couple of other restaurants on the downtown mall have approached us recently to buy ingredients for cooking and baking; they come to us for tea!  I checked on line and there is a wealth of recipes which use tea in various forms for enhancing flavors and adding health benefits to foods ranging from Beef to Edamame to Cookies. Here’s a few recipes that I found intriguing…I’m getting hungry just reading them over!

from an NPR article:

Ochazuke, a traditional Japanese rice dish:

and cupcakes from the food network!:


New Mezza plate!

In celebration of Earthweek and cruelty free choices we are serving the new Mezza appetizer plate for just $4 this week April 23 thru 28th!

Mezza (v)(gf)  (regualarly-4.50)_A light assortment of olives, dolmas and sliced vegetables

Spring Cleaning yer insides

3/22 We’ve got iced tea specially made to help with allergies today (yay Nettles!) our soup is Creamed Watercress, which is another great spring cleansing aide. If you do suffer from allergies, sometimes eating local honey can help to build up immunity to local pollens. Our honey at the tea house is locally sourced from Golden Angels Apiary. You can also purchase it in bulk from Rebecca’s Natural Foods. There is alot of info on the internet about system cleansing and strengthening. Here’s a few that I liked:

Happy Spring,

Gung Fu days every Wednesday!

Come in to try out teas, and enjoy gung-fu style tea steeping Wednesdays from 4-6 .

Quiet day on the Fourth of July

The tea house will be closed on the 4th of July all day for peace and reflection. Please come on in Tuesday for re-vitalizing tea vibrations.

New pricing for a couple things

The prices for the Goatherder and the Kid have changed to reflect higher costs for nuts and fruit. Still the most bumpin appetizer platter in town.

6/20 OMG, Indian Spinach Croquettes!

One of my favorite specials is being served today. Lot’s of garlic Spinach and onions in a little chickpea flour pancake. Reminiscent of the snacks you’d get from the vendors on a train through the foothills of Darjeeling. Comes with pita, dipping sauce and a green salad for a full meal experience.

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