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6/8 today’s iced teas:

*Herbal Tummy Tea with mint and ginger
*Berry Vilalitea (black tea with refreshing herbs and berries)
* delicious homemade Iced Chai

6/7 Today’s Special, Roasted Veggie Pita

Marinated and roasted portabello mushrooms, zucchini, bell peppers and onions and garlic served on a toasted pita with greens and tahini sauce , and feta if you like! Comes with a side salad. all for $6.50

Today’s iced teas

Yo, it’s delicious Hibiscus and/or Moroccan Mint (sweetened for your pleasure).

6/2 Iced Tea!

Flying Monkey (heavily caffienated)
Roasted Barley (herbal and toasty yummy)
Iced Chai (always!!!!)

6/1 Back deck blues

If you’ve been here recently, you might have noticed that our back deck is ripped up on the left side. Many are the hopes and dreams that this temporary situation repairs itself on the kind day (hopefully in the next couple of days!) that our workmen decide that all is well with the under-roof and we get our shiny little patio put back together again. Until then, I may have to decorate the construction with some prayer flags and call it good.

New Sandwich special

6/1. In celebration of this hot June day, we made a cool sandwich…the Shanghai Pita. It’s stir fried tofu, shitake mushrooms and onions on a pita with Asian slaw. Filling and energizing

5/31 special update

It ‘s smoked salmon pasta salad today. Refreshing and energizing in this heat yo.

Friday May 27: Today’s Special

Southwestern Blackbean Salad. It’s vegan and delicious!

Holy roof!

5/17 bout 3 PM

It’s raining again and we get to experience this at the tea house form an insider’s perspective….buckets catching dripping, cascades of water in about 8 different locations. It’s the one over the projector that really get’s to me cause it could mess up a lot of electronics.

on a cozier note, the ambient temperature here is 75degreees and there’s some chill old school reggee on the stereo making this a comfortable place to relax and have some tea away from the rain (minus the spots where the buckets are)

New digs


In case ya’ll haven’t heard there’s a new fantastically hip dish on the menu. The Zen wrap. It’s Organic twin oaks tofu mixed with miso and hijiki and other flavorful items, topped with some zingy carrot/ginger dressing and rolled up in a Teff wrap (which is a gluten free grain from Ethiopian fare) Check it out and let us know what you think.

Paper Bird

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