Green practices

Environmentally friendly practices

At the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar, we continually try to offset and and lower our carbon footprint as a business and as individuals . There are too many things to list individually, but here are a few more prominent practices and products:

*All of our herbs, many of our Teas and spices, and a large portion of our dry and canned goods are Certified Organic.

* Over 3/4 of our staff bikes or walks to work on a regular basis

*We use only earth-friendly cleaning products and soaps throughout the tea bazaar (Dr Bronner’s Yo!)

*The Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar annually purchases use-age comparable renewable energy credits for wind-power though Renewable Choice Energy

*We use biodegrable-compostable to-go boxes, our paper products are from recycled paper, our plastic to-go cups are #1! recyclable, ect.ect. ect.

*The salmon we use is naturally smoked and wild caught and is  purchased direct from a small company in Alaska

*We grow several of our cooking herbs on our back deck (organic and less plastic!)

*Thorough and determined recycling of anything recyclable

*We love what we do



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